Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle SCM Cloud by Oracle America, Inc.

Oracle SCM helps companies manage their entire supply chain operations covering all aspects of the business. This includes, supply and demand planning, manufacturing, product lifecycle management and innovation, transportation management, procurement, global trade, warehouse management, inventory optimization and much more. Oracle is the leading provider of SCM applications in the world.


Oracle SCM solutions allow companies to innovate their
operations, connect their people and processes, and simplify interactions and
user activities. Companies can transform traditional supply chains into
integrated value chains.


More companies choose Oracle because only Oracle offers a
broad footprint of SCM applications that covers the entire business, only
Oracle offers better solutions that delivery better results, and only Oracle
delivers faster results with rapid implementations and standard and proven

Broader - Complete End-to-End
Application Footprint – Keeps your Business Connected

Better - Top-ranked,
Industry-leading Applications – Better Solutions Deliver Better Results and
Allow Companies to Innovate

Faster - More Rapid
Implementation & Time-to-ROI – Keeps Users Engaged & Focused on
Value-Added Activities


Increased Demand
Want better visibility to demand and supply signals and
movement toward an end-to-end management structure so efficiencies are maximized
– Dynamic Planning


Product Proliferation,
Shorter Product Lifecycles and Life Spans:
Today products have
significantly shorter lifecycles and as a result companies across industries
have to focus on accelerating innovation and reducing time to market – Ideation
to Commercialization


Meet New Customer
Increasingly complex consumer demands are driving companies
to focus on improved and dynamic fulfillment options and the “post-launch”
phases of the product lifecycle – Flexible Fulfillment & Order Optimization


Cost Reduction and
Logistics continues to be a source of cost reduction and
efficiency improvements as companies look to remove as much unnecessary cost as
possible while meeting service objectives and supporting new methods –
Transportation for Everyone