Oracle HCM Cloud (Enterprise)
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Oracle HCM Cloud (Enterprise) by Oracle America, Inc.

Oracle HCM Cloud is a complete HR application suite that helps organizations become more strategic and agile with a best-in-class workforce experience.  It integrates HR best practices and technology to provide an engaging, informative, and adaptive HR experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Oracle HCM Cloud allows organizations to find, develop and retain the best talent, enable collaboration, deliver deep workforce insights, and increase operational efficiency. 


  • Use a single global human resources solution that aligns common global HR processes, supports local compliance needs across multiple countries, and engages your workforce
  • Manage the entire talent life cycle including recruiting candidates, managing performance, developing careers, providing learning, performing talent reviews, and planning successions
  • Attract and retain talent with differentiated rewards and address simple and complex organizational remuneration needs
  • Control labor costs, efficiently manage projects, and improve operational excellence 
  • Attract and retain top talent with a suite of innovative solutions that helps employees be more productive at work
  • Manage workforce trends and gain the necessary insight through powerful reporting, dashboards, and analytics

The Oracle HCM Cloud suite:
  • ·        Oracle Global HR is designed to help the world's leading organizations get a comprehensive view of all of their employees, align common HR processes across any device, and simplify compliance through a single application. This application includes human resources, absence management, benefits, workforce predictions and workforce modeling. 
    •         Oracle Talent Management Cloud is designed to manage the entire talent life cycle from sourcing and recruiting candidates, onboarding new hires, managing goals and performance, developing careers, providing continuous learning, conducting talent reviews and planning successions to keeping the talent engaged.
    •         Oracle Workforce Rewards is designed to attract and retain talent with differentiated workforce rewards and manage various remuneration structures.  It provides an integrated solution encompassing compensation, benefits, and payroll.
    •         Oracle Workforce Management is designed to help organizations accurately track time and control labor costs, implement absence policies locally and globally, while enabling compliance with wage and global/local regulations. This product compliments and is fully unified with the Global HR solution. 
    •         Oracle Work Life Solutions is designed to help organizations increase productivity and employee engagement by integrating their work and personal lives.  The solution includes My Competitions, My Wellness and My Reputation and is the only Work Life solution included in an HCM offering.