Oracle ERP Cloud (SMB)

Oracle ERP Cloud (SMB) by Oracle America, Inc.

Compete with the Biggest in Business - You’re competing with the biggest brands—but you don’t have their economies of scale. Modern best practices are built into Oracle’s cloud applications for finance, putting you on a level playing field with enterprise competitors. Leverage the built-in best practices of Oracle ERP Cloud to standardize operations, add digital capabilities, and support future growth. Oracle's modern, integrated cloud applications deliver the functionality, analytics, security, and collaboration tools you need to run your business.


  • Complete: One cloud for your entire business. Oracle ERP Cloud is a complete, integrated and modern cloud application suite that manages accounting, procurement and projects enterprisewide. 
  • Insight-Driven: No matter what the role, the experience and process is consistent as you navigate across Oracle Cloud services delivering the right information the right way to improve decision making. Powerful capabilities to roll-up, drilldown, slice-and-dice, and pivot data for fast and intuitive multi-dimensional analysis. 
  • Global: No limit to your expansion. Supports the needs of the largest global organizations with 60+ countries localized, 24 languages, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi-subsidiary. 
  • Digital: Unleash workforce productivity with an ERP that’s actually fun to use with native social collaboration, mobile, and image scanning at no extra charge. 
  • Personalized, Connected, Secure: Easily change your cloud experience and keep your business connected. Enterprise-grade security and compliance from an experienced cloud partner with 19 data centers worldwide. Be confident with unmatched levels of security from applications to disk.