Oracle CX Commerce

Oracle CX Commerce by Oracle America, Inc.

The Oracle Commerce Platform allows the most complex digital businesses to innovate in time with market changes and expand quickly and easily to new touch points and geographies. Built on a foundation of proven capabilities, including a battle-tested and scalable modern platform, business user control, and omni-channel support. Increase agility and empower marketers and merchants with the tools they need to manage omni-channel experiences, personalization, search and navigation, promotions, content, and more. 


  • Scale and Performance
    • Ability to process data and deliver dynamic experiences at unparalleled scale
    • Flexibility to efficiently expand to multi-channel, multi-site, multi-brand, multi-language, and multi-currency environments

  • Data Anywhere Architecture
    • Accelerate integrations and minimize integration costs with a flexible architecture

  • Adaptive Personalization Engine
    • Choreograph customer interactions to drive pre-designed dialogues for a personalized commerce experience
    • Personalize content to target organizations, roles, individuals or customized segments
    • Dynamic customer profiles and segments update continuously based on new interactions

  • Best-in-Class Search and Guided Navigation
    • Superior search ensures that visitors receive the most relevant results through transparent relevance rank controls, thesaurus, and keyword redirection
    • Guided navigation dynamically summarizes results based on available metadata so visitors can more effectively refine and explore information

  • Advanced Segments and Targeted Content
    • Target high value groups with select products and promotions
    • Define segments based on demographics or on-site behavior
    • Use profile attributes to quickly place customers into segments

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Built in SEO capabilities help manageably surface all dynamic commerce-created pages to web search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

  • Reporting and Big Data Analytics
    • Fully integrated with interactive big data analytics capabilities that monitor and analyze commerce and customer behavior, providing insight into key metrics and customer activity