Oracle BPM Suite 12c

Oracle BPM Suite 12c by Oracle America, Inc.

The Oracle Business Process Management Suite (Oracle BPM Suite) provides a comprehensive, unified and robust platform to enable intelligent and adaptive business processes for both structured, automated flows as well as dynamic, collaborative case management. Oracle BPM Suite empowers business users to own their processes and the user experience while enabling effective business/IT collaboration. 


  • Delivers immediate and impactful return on investment
  • Agile process development
  • High- fidelity Business-IT collaboration
  • Deep insights for better business outcomes
  • Multi-channel BPM Apps for (web/mobile/email) for greater user productivity
  • Provides visibility and control to the business
  • Eliminates the boundaries among applications, systems, and people
  • Improves process throughput and efficiency
  • Automates structured and unstructured processes to reduce overhead and costs