OpenROAD by Actian Corporation

OpenROAD is a rapid application development and flexible deployment solution. With OpenROAD, developers can quickly build and deploy sophisticated high performance and high availability business applications on a variety of platforms, accessing a broad range of data sources


  • React to business changes faster and protect your investment in existing mainframe and client server data and applications.
  • Rapidly and cost effectively build applications that meet today's high performance and availability needs.
  • Quickly deploy those applications across a variety of platforms.
  • Protect existing system and database investments by integrating them with new applications.
  • Re-use existing and third-party components, speeding development further.
  • Decouple business logic from presentation and database functions increasing performance and availability incrementally and inexpensively.
  • Re-deploy applications to other platforms without changing code.
  • Easily expose business logic as a web service.