Open Windows CONTRACTS

Open Windows CONTRACTS by Open Windows

Open Windows CONTRACTS helps to identify, manage, and mitigate the risk that is inherent in all business agreements. Managing the contract lifecycle end-to-end in a single system mitigates the risks and errors caused by multiple systems. A comprehensive suite of contract development and compliance modules within Open Windows CONTRACTS help to ensure that the contracts you are signing are the contracts being delivered, and that nothing is overlooked.


  • Increased value in retained corporate intellectual property
  • Reduced exposure to litigation due to non-compliance
  • Reduction of errors due to over-certification
  • Extracting greater revenues from sales contracts
  • Ensure value delivery in procurement contracts
  • Increased ability to show continuous improvement
  • Shorter contracting cyclesReduction in time taken to find contract terms
  • Cost savings from consolidation in procurement processes
  • Greater ability to enforce negotiated cost savings & benefits
  • Reduced administration burden and costs
  • Reduction in off-contract and maverick spend