OnApp CDN by OnApp Limited

OnApp CDN is a more profitable way to oer CDN services to your customers, with higher margins and better reach than traditional content delivery networks.You don’t need to invest millions in global infrastructure: you can create your own CDN PoP in minutes, expand your CDN with PoPs from our global marketplace, or even build your CDN entirely from marketplace resources.And, by submitting your own PoP to the marketplace, you can cash in your spare capacity by selling it to other providers.


  • CDN + cloud provider
    Use hypervisors in your cloud as CDN edge servers, and scale up through our CDN marketplace whenever you need to. Creating CDN PoPs in your cloud means you can use the datacenter locations you already have to accelerate content for your clients. If you need to scale up, you can add locations from our global CDN Marketplace. With the full version of OnApp Cloud, you already have access to OnApp CDN: creating a whole new revenue stream could be as simple as adding a checkbox to your cloud order page.

  • Private CDN operator
    Use your own infrastructure to create a complete CDN. If you're a large provider you probably have a good number of datacenters already. You can use OnApp CDN to create a fully-functional CDN across those locations, without touching our CDN marketplace. If you ever need to expand, the marketplace is available whenever you need it.

  • Virtual service provider
    No infrastructure required! OnApp CDN has enabled a new kind of virtual service provider to emerge. As a virtual service provider, you can use our global marketplace to create CDN services that don't rely on any of your own physical infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure provider
    OnApp CDN also enables you to monetize spare capacity by selling it to other providers on our CDN marketplace. We're always on the look-out for CDN PoPs in new locations, and PoPs with particularly impressive price or, performance characteristics.