NuoDB by NuoDB, Inc.

NuoDB is the first and only emergent database that is 100% SQL compliant, guarantees ACID transactions, and scales out/in elastically on decentralized computing resources in the cloud, on-premises, or both. It is highly resilient, requires minimal database administration, guarantees the integrity of transactions, and delivers high performance at web-scale with highly efficient and flexible resource utilization. 


  • Gives the benefits of SQL yet it scales like NoSQL
  • Guarantees transactional integrity without sacrificing availability or performance- Requires minimal configuration, administration and maintenance
  • Out performs MySQL and MariaDB on single transaction node and easily scales to a 10x improvement on multi-node configurationsEasily migrate a SQL database to NuoDB
  • Execute database functions across a network of distributed objects that collaborate using peer-to-peer communication
  • Scales read/write throughput by spreading network I/O with redundant consistent caches
  • Automatically distributes transaction workloads