NTT Managed Security Services

NTT Managed Security Services by NTT America Inc.

NTT Com's global security solutions offer fully managed protection platforms for your business. Protect your mission-critical IT assets with NTT Com. WideAngle, the global integrated security service from NTT Communications, provides total security for your information and communications technology (ICT) environment. 


  • Consulting Service: Research global security risks and provide a wide range of support from security monitoring to security improvement
  • Rescue Service: Contain damage during an incident and support environment restoration
  • Vulnerability Assessment Service: Identify vulnerabilities in existing information and communications technology (ICT) environment 
  • Our Professional Services and WideAngle provide the core foundation of our managed security service. With many years of experience serving more than 8,000 customers worldwide, NTT Communications has the expertise to meet your needs.