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Nimble CRM by Nimble

Nimble’s social contact relationship management (CRM) solution focuses on managing and engaging the contact to improve the relationship. Compared to the big CRM solutions, its sales and marketing functionality is limited; however, Nimble has a lot to offer small and medium-sized businesses that want a complete view of their contacts’ online social activity and engagements with the contact. 


  • By creating a focus on engagement and relationships, Nimble CRM is able to bridge that divide that’s so important in the CRM market – the one between teams and customers. In very important ways, the competitive intelligence provided by Nimble CRM helps companies to assess their relationships and improve customer satisfaction.
  • One key way that Nimble CRM boost outcomes is in “social design” – in social media marketing and other types of proactive marketing that are driving so much of today’s mobile and e-commerce. With social CRM functionality and a design that is based on outreach, Nimble Customer Relationship Management helps with all sorts of marketing campaign decisions, while automating a lot of what goes on in the digital world (with marketing automation as a major part of feature sets). 
  • Other elements of Nimble CRM include some focus on internal operations – get an in-depth report on CRM-centered metrics, and possibly, insight into a supply chain or other important parts of business processes. Support business decisions the right way – with Customer Relationship Management solutions that help to get the job done.
  • Monitor engagement and participation in new ways – and build on those successes to speak more precisely to target audiences. It’s all part of a design that’s eminently affordable and cost-effective for a business office, to give a firm a competitive advantage in business intelligence and analytics.