Nextiva VoIP Software

Nextiva VoIP Software by Nextiva

The Nextiva App combines voice, video, and instant messaging into a single application that you can access from your desk phone, computer, or mobile device on any Windows, Mac OSX, iOS or Android platform.


  • More Ways to Communicate than Ever Before
    Nextiva lets you choose your preferred communication method to keep in touch with each of your colleagues and clients.

  • Securely Manage Your Phone System 24/7
    Easily update your call preferences from any of your devices and your settings will instantly save to your cloud.

  • Advanced Features Your Business Deserves
    Business communication is quickly evolving and the Nextiva App offers you the tools you need to keep up.

  • Manage Your Communications from Anywhere
    Utilize the NextOS unified communications online dashboard to instantly monitor the pulse of your business throughout the workday.

  • Amazing Service® is Available for you Anytime
    Here at Nextiva, we go above and beyond your service expectations. We are more than just your phone provider – we’re here to help you succeed.