Nextgen Practice Management

Nextgen Practice Management by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC

Defined by its key functions and winning interface design, NextGen Practice Management is a comprehensive practice management tool with a track record of supporting clinicians and practice administrators.


  • NextGen Practice Management is scalable, with engineering to support small, independent practices and larger facilities clients alike. Looking toward value-base reimbursement, this medical practice management software and revenue cycle management system helps medical offices in the health-care industry to anticipate the challenges that they face. That includes the heavy burden of working with revenue life cycles from start to finish, from verifying insurance to resolving claims, with identifiers and data points safety stored away.

  • NextGen Practice Management is also cost-effective

  • Clients can take advantage of tools like WorkLog Manager – an automated tasking board, and  Background Business Processor, a resource for automated billing, statements, and claims eligibility. Get real-time claim status information and AR/AP data to support fast, effective operations and resolve medical billing problems. 

  • Intuitive interface – with a design that makes doctors feel truly supported, this EHR system works along with clinicians to support patient care outcomes, which is another reason why so many practices have come to choose this model for effective medical practice management. Consider what this NextGen healthcare system, along with tools like NextGen ambulatory EHR, offers providers and how it renovates an IT architecture for provisions toward meaningful use, better quality of patient care, and ongoing analysis of health trends, as well as empowerment for patients looking for health data.