NextGen Ambulatory EHR
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NextGen Ambulatory EHR by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC

NextGen Ambulatory EHR is an innovative electronic medical record/electronic health record system for practice management and patient care. This NextGen healthcare resource is equipped with functionality for ICD-10 code implementation and for implementation of meaningful use stage II. Supporting physician offices and import is important in today's healthcare industry, and this type of EHR software provides adequate health record handling that allows doctors and practice administrators to focus on quality of service.


  • NextGen offers EHR solutions that “think like a doctor,” with ease-of-use and simple implementation, with intuitive templates and other features that support working more capably in a demanding clinical environment. Value-based care models help doctors to look at outcomes and more, to get a better window into collective patient health trends. NextGen analytics resources help clinicians to look at high risk patient groups and promote specific solutions.

  • With a great amount of interoperability, NextGen provides cloud-based EHR in a flexible and compelling environment. This EHR software help doctors to anticipate everything that they face in a typical work week, with tools that are easy to use and that facilitate smooth workflow operations through groundbreaking health information technology. Practice medicine supported by some of the best EHR system implementations on the market, and get a firsthand look at how these types of digital record-keeping systems enhance clinical operations.