Next-Generation Firewall

Next-Generation Firewall by Palo Alto Networks, Inc.

By focusing on content, applications, and users - not ports and protocols - we’re delivering a truly innovative platform that offers enterprises the much needed visibility and control to safely enable modern applications, without having to absorb the risks that typically accompany them. At the core of these network security products is the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall, which helps enterprises simplify their network security infrastructure.


  • Built on a high-performance architecture, and incorporating a rich set of security, networking, and management functionality, our next-generation firewall significantly reduces network complexity and cost of ownership by eliminating the need to deploy a wide variety of supplemental network security products.

  • A set of innovative technologies and enterprise-class capabilities further solidify enterprise gains by ensuring not only that consistent security and application enablement is available for all enterprise users and network locations, but also that the solution remains effective despite the onslaught of advanced malware and targeted attacks.