NEXGEN Asset Management

NEXGEN Asset Management by NEXGEN Asset Management

NEXGEN Asset Management is the only software system to combine a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with powerful asset management planning tools. For field technicians, the intuitively designed mobile application is a perfect fit to quickly process work orders. The desktop application offers an enterprise level solution that helps organizations streamline maintenance, analyze risk and ultimately maximize asset life.


NEXGEN Asset Management: enterprise-wide asset management software is designed to capture and manage every aspect of your asset inventory, create an effective maintenance program and prioritize funding by risk and criticality.

NEXGEN Asset Management Mobile: mobile application designed to streamline the asset management process from the field. The app now incorporates NEXGEN’s proprietary Asset Management Intelligence (AMI) algorithms, such as real time condition assessments scores, actual remaining asset useful life and asset risk index. All work done on the app instantly syncs to the server for instant flow of information among all users.