NetIQ Change Guardian

NetIQ Change Guardian by NetIQ Corporation

NetIQ Change Guardian™ helps IT security professionals manage change to critical files, system configuration and applications, and achieve compliance with regulations and internal security policies. Unmanaged change is a leading cause of security breaches and unauthorized user activity is one of the early indications of a targeted attack. With Change Guardian, you can proactively identify and respond to unmanaged changes that could lead to security breaches or failed audits, and identify potential breaches in real-time by monitoring privileged user activity across the enterprise.


  • Audit and control access to sensitive data and systems to protect against unmanaged change and demonstrate compliance
  • Achieve PCI DSS compliance- Integrate real-time alerting with leading SIEM solutions
  • Deliver rich alert information to help maintain compliance- Monitor activities of privileged users
  • Detect changes on important platforms and applications