NEOGOV HR Management System

NEOGOV HR Management System by NEOGOV


Insight automates the entire hiring and selection process from requisition to hire and is tailored for the unique needs of public sector organizations. Reduce application review and screen time with Insight’s auto-scoring applicant tracking software. Produce weighted scores and rankings by combining online tests, screening protocols, performance exams, and situational tests. List open positions on your company website while maintaining its look and feel. Accept online job applications and ask job-specific supplemental questions. Track traffic and advertising sources and reduce the time and effort spent posting jobs and processing applications.

Enhance applicant and staff experience by eliminating paper and reducing bottlenecks. Generate email notifications, maintain applicant history, track applicant skills, and more. Optimize your processes, visualize and analyze data, and fully grasp the impact of your HR initiatives. With Insight you have more than 90 standard reports, advanced ad-hoc reporting, and the dashboards you need to make your job easy. Analyze results, perform pass point analysis, check for adverse impact, view applicant flow, mean and standard deviation, item analysis, item discrimination, reliability, standard error of measurement, and more. Generate and manage your weighted eligible list, including configurable scoring rules and additional points processing to rank and refer applicants.


Perform is the only full-featured employee performance management software in the marketplace that is packed with specific public sector functionality. Automate year-end and probationary employee appraisals and allow your HR team to replace manual systems. Analyze employee performance data to identify skill gaps and optimize employee development. Track progress on measured organizational alignment and progress against goals. 

Identify competency and skill gaps within your organization using one-on-one and/or 360 feedback, self-ratings, and competency models. Generate individual development plans and recommend trainings based on an employee’s competency scores. Visualize your workforce on the automatically generated organizational chart. Approvals, notifications, and to-do actions are displayed in the form of any activity stream. Align individual and team objectives with organizational strategy and manage employee performance and career goals. Powerful goal tools are included to ensure each employee is working on the “right things” to move the organization forward.

·        Configurable Performance Evaluations

·        Goal Library

·        Shareable Competency Content

·        Development Plans

·        Configurable Process Workflows

·        Ability to build Content sections for re-use

·        Configurable Rating Scales

·        Ability to build Library of Writing Assistants

·        360 Reviews

·        Configurable Email Notifications

·        Automatic Evaluation Creation

·        Ability to perform actions in bulk for Employees & Evaluation


Onboard enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes and training. New hires complete I9 and W4 forms online in minutes. Employees can sign forms using a mouse, allowing them to complete their new hire checklist online prior to day one. With Onboard, you can assign forms to specific employees, groups, and departments. Set up your required fields and approval routing, and you are done.

Signatures look just like wet signatures because employees can use their hand and mouse to sign any online form. Additionally, new employees have their own access accounts with unique credentials for strengthened authentication and security. Configure your new hire portal with interactive social collaboration, questions and answers, documents, trainings, and videos. Communicate your organization’s mission and values, and relevant training information to new hires while they are going through the onboarding process.

·        Electronic Employee File

·        Federal I9 and W4 forms

·        Task Manager

·        Employee data upload

·        Build your own Onboarding forms*

*Onboard (ON) includes Federal I9 standard forms that are updated annually and Federal W4 forms updated every 2-4 years.



NEOGOV offers a background check application programming interface (API) integration that allows users to purchase, monitor status and collect data on their background checks. This is made possible by close technical integration with Partnered background check providers: NEOGOV provides an API which allows the customer to pre-populate Applicant or Candidate background check forms with first name, last name, and email address, automatically send an email notification to the Applicant or Candidate for further information needed for the background check (SSN, Date of Birth, consent signatures, etc.), NEOGOV through its’ Certified Eligible Partners will automatically start the background check process after the information is gathered. When results are provided by the Partner(s), NEOGOV will automatically display statuses for review and further hiring steps in Insight’s Online Hiring Center (OHC).

Customer is responsible for maintaining strict access to the background check security roles in the OHC settings section called “Background Check”. Customer must contact Background Check Partner and NEOGOV immediately to revoke services if there is reason to believe that securities have been compromised.