NEC Content Management Software

NEC Content Management Software by NEC Corporation

NEC CMS is a SaaS Web-based, full-function digital signage content management software. It’s fully hosted by NEC Display Solutions, so you don’t have to worry about monthly payments. NEC CMS is scalable from one display to multiple displays and is integrated with the VUKUNET digital out-of-home ad delivery, inventory management, billing/payment system and reporting platform. 


NEC CMS is designed to be as simple to operate as Microsoft PowerPoint, using widgets and gadgets in an easy-to-use user-interface. As long as your PC is Microsoft Windows-based, then it can run NEC CMS:

  • Preconfigured templates for easy Presentation Design- Drag and Drop Widgets for adding content to- Presentations and creating Schedules
  • Free Reuters business, entertainment, news, sports feeds- Free AccuWeather Feeds- Player for most media types (MPEG, WMV, JPEG, Flash, etc.)
  • Local zone message editing capability- Full Playlist capability- Pull technology for added security