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Mpulse by MPulse Software

To customers around the world, MPulse Means Maintenance Success. MPulse CMMS software provides reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for equipment and facilities maintenance organizations. MPulse CMMS software is available for purchase or as an annual subscription, and it can be hosted locally or in the cloud. Four scalable solutions are available, with each subsequent edition offering additional features that build on previous editions, making it easy to add features as organizational needs change. 


  • MPulse Bronze is an entry-level solution for preventive maintenance (PM) and work order management. 
  • MPulse Silver has all the features included in Bronze, plus the ability to receive, manage, and update service requests from unlimited requesters. 
  • MPulse Gold offers a full suite of features and functions—from managing PMs, work orders, and service requests, to tracking and controlling inventory and managing vendors.
  • MPulse Platinum is a highly comprehensive software package, offering all the core features offered in the entire product line as well as all the feature extension modules. Enterprise Management Suite provides a universal framework to connect all MPulse locations across a distributed enterprise so users can have truly global settings, global reporting, and enterprise-wide inventory search and transfer.

MPulse serves more than 2,500 customers around the world. Current clients range from small maintenance shops in public schools, restaurants, and retail outlets to large maintenance departments in global enterprises. We recommend MPulse to organizations of all sizes seeking a scalable, highly configurable CMMS solution.