Mothernode CRM
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Mothernode CRM by MotherNode

Mothernode CRM is a dynamic, highly expandable system which scales based on a company’s specific business and customer needs.The highly configurable application can be set up to align with a business’s industry, customer requirements and more. As SMBs grow into themselves, additional features and editions can be integrated for continued operations with a boosted level of functionality.No other CRM within Mothernode's class offers the same number of capabilities that are present in this system. With such a high degree features-to-price ratio, SMBs can take full advantage of a robust set of modules without overextending their budgets.


  • Part of the appeal of Mothernode CRM is the flexibility of this CRM software. A small business or established enterprise can use these customer relationship management tools to add to the capability of desk software, and help digital marketing teams, salespeople or others to achieve their goals.
  • Mothernode CRM can stand up to competitors like Infor CRM, Sage CRM and other cloud-based CRM solutions. With highly configurable CRM application sets, Mothernode CRM helps businesses to grow and expand.
  • The functionality of Mothernode CRM can be easily integrated into software architectures, and has a lot of different features to enhance relationships with customers.
  • One way to put this is that Mothernode CRM enjoys a “high features to price” ratio -- another way to explain it is that there is a lot of function packed into an affordable CRM option for business clients.