Moontoast's Social Analytics Suite by Moontoast, Inc.

Moontoast is a market leader in social engagement, social commerce, and social analytics. Our digitally distributable marketing applications and patent-pending social analytics facilitate social marketing and help brands drive social engagement and growth, lead generation, and digital and physical product sales. 


  • Track Brand Discovery - Find out who your fans are and where they are discovering your brand through social. 
  • Understand Social Interaction - Capture insights to determine who, what and why your fans engage with your brand. Then make data driven decisions to optimize your social advertising strategy. 
  • Transactional Rich Media Units - Drill down into your transaction data by day, unit, offer and channel to measure your conversion rates, overall campaign revenue, average order size and calculate social ROI success rates. 
  • Measure Brand Endorsement - Find out where and when your fans have endorsed your brand. Then figure out each campaign’s potential reach to quantify new fan acquisition.