MODX Revolution

MODX Revolution by MODX, LLC

MODX Revolution starts as a completely blank slate. Start from scratch, or use the Package Manager to download and install Add-ons, Core Extensions, Templates or even Content Pack Distributions. MODX Revolution was created over a three year period and saw it’s first public release in 2010. It is a complete rewrite to address the needs of larger websites, and to offer a more scalable, configurable and feature-rich framework. In addition MODX Revolution natively supports multiple websites, secure configurations with most files stored outside of web root. 


  • Anyone with a modest amount of training can maintain and create content in a MODX Revolution website. Most sites require at most 1-2 hours of training to have productive contributors, publishers and content editors. 
  • MODX is well known for its friendly and helpful Open Source Community—our army of geeks who can answer just about any question you may have about MODX. The original project founders and current developers remain active in the community as well.