mindSHIFT Managed Hosting Services

mindSHIFT Managed Hosting Services by mindSHIFT Technologies

With mindSHIFT Managed Hosting, we host your equipment in our Data Centers and provide a comprehensive set of Managed Hosting Services. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our equipment in our Data Centers and eliminate the hassle, cost, and resources required to purchase and maintain your own equipment. Either way, you can count on our managed hosting technical experts to provide complete operations management or manage specific tasks.


  • Customer Advocate: We provide you with a Customer Advocate to make sure your issues and concerns are addressed and you continue to be thrilled with mindSHIFT. Greater survivability due to geographically separate equipment and network servers

  • Reduced load on your production equipment by utilizing the real-time data on the shadow system for reporting, tape backup, web serving, and other ancillary processing

  • Greater burstable bandwidth in one of mindSHIFT’s data centers, delivering faster access to the primary environment for remote users, with the added benefit of improved security and redundancy of network and power systems

  • Leveraging mindSHIFT’s IBM i experience to augment your existing staff in the event of a disaster