MIE Trak PRO by MIE Solutions

MIE Trak Pro is an on-premise system that offers product lifecycle management functionality within the suite. This system is best suited for small to mid-sized companies and includes features such as job costing and barcoding. 


  • Sales: Easily create quotes and RFQs without the use of complicated spreadsheets. Create sales orders instantly and generate invoices, work orders, and pick lists at the touch of a button.

  • Accounting: Fully automated payroll and staffing processes with MIE Trak Pro's advanced time clock features. Seamlessly integrate billing, invoicing, and payroll activity with the leading accounting software packages.

  • Manufacturing: Maximize efficiency with an automatic scheduling engine that's vertically integrated with your supply chain Programming is based on specified due dates, required sequences, and the availability of work centers and machines.

  • Engineering: Increase quality and minimize failures at each step of the manufacturing process. Identify and address quality concerns with powerful analytic reports that identify key areas of improvement.

  • Integrations: MIE Trak Pro has seamless integration with accounting software products such as Quickbooks & Sage. This integration allows MIE Trak Pro users to easily import and export invoices, purchase orders, customer data, and supplier information. MIE Trak Pro also integrates with various payroll software applications.