MicroStrategy Report Services

MicroStrategy Report Services by MicroStrategy Inc.

Connect to one source or many, separately or in combination. We provide effortless access to business data from one single location. Our data connectors are optimized for each source, and allow queries to reach their greatest performance potential.


  • Choose your Hadoop
    Hadoop's distributed file system is the most common way of storing multistructured big data. All of the major Hadoop distributions are certified to work with MicroStrategy. Connect using Hive, Pig or proprietary SQL-on-Hadoop connectors like Cloudera Impala or IBM BigInsights. Hadoop simply becomes one more data source that MicroStrategy can query interactively, or batch load data from in-memory, without writing any code or MapReduce.

    Easily transform SAP HANA data into pixel-perfect dashboards, create insightful reports, or use it for data discovery. Faster data aggregation and computation through SAP HANA complements and boosts in-memory analytics and visual data discovery capabilities of MicroStrategy. Unleash the power of HANA to the fullest using an exceptional BI platform.

  • Bring Salesforce data to life
    Salesforce.com revolutionizes how you manage sales and marketing processes. Turbocharge operational reporting from salesforce.com with advanced analytics and superior data visualizations. Import a single report or an entire module. Mix in product and financial data with sales information. Push sales force analytics to the next level with MicroStrategy.