Microsoft Testing Tools

Microsoft Testing Tools by Microsoft Corporation

Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDNVisual Studio Test Professional with MSDN integrates testers, product managers, and other stakeholders directly into the development process. Each role gets the advanced tools they need, such as test case management, manual testing, lightweight requirements definition, and release management. Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN is also tightly integrated with Visual Studio’s ALM solution, so all stakeholders stay connected to the development process—and that keeps your team more agile and more informed.


Microsoft's innovative quality tools enable testers and developers to work better together, leading to:

  • Increased quality
  • Optimized workflows
  • Reduced riskVisual Studio Test Professional with MSDN
  • Conduct, record, and repeat manual tests
  • Use Test Case Management
  • Deliver value regularly and predictably
  • Create and manage lab environments
  • Capture requirements from the business team
  • Integrate the customer view