Microsoft Financial Management

Microsoft Financial Management by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft financial management solutions help you streamline accounting and payroll, automate reporting, stay compliant with local, state, and federal requirements, and improve grant management. Our financial management solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics GP, which works with and like the familiar Microsoft Office applications that many of your employees use every day. 


  • Ease the pain of regulatory compliance and financial reporting. Make it easier to prepare accurate financial statements, help ensure compliance, and maintain a detailed chart of accounts.

  • Master payroll and human resources challenges. Track your employee contract start and end dates and manage a variety of compensation packages consistently and efficiently with a flexible payroll management solution.

  • Perform internal accounting with ease and accuracy. Reduce the challenges that come with transferring balances across accounts, including the increased chance of error and the staff time spent juggling manual entry and reconciliation processes. Save time and meet reporting requirements with control account management. And manage payables control accounts by segments, saving valuable time and gaining a detailed picture of your finances to help you meet demanding reporting requirements.

  • Improve budget utilization with encumbrance management. Keep your focus on using your budgets effectively, rather than on tracking expenses and repeatedly checking to see whether you’ve exceeded limits. With Microsoft Dynamics GP encumbrance management features, you can proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time.

  • Track and manage commitments. Track online purchase requisitions as commitments with Microsoft Dynamics GP requisition management functionality. Web-based capabilities give you the flexibility to tighten budget controls without halting purchase order processes.

  • Manage grants. Microsoft Dynamics GP grant management functionality lets you track the usage of grant funding and grant costs. And it can help ensure compliance with specific guidelines and regulations, improving your ability to qualify for additional grant funding.