Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps companies to manage their supply chains and other parts of important business operations. This ERP software comes from a leader in enterprise services, with all of the functionality and power of a comprehensive ERP system.


  • The use of various elements of Microsoft Dynamics ERP allows users to conduct research, gather business intelligence, and apply it to business processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps with coordinating business activities around the world. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help provide insight into markets, with the ERP product features that help to look at business requirements and more. Microsoft dynamics NAV helps with industry-specific aspects of business operations.

  • Companies can also use Microsoft dynamics ERP in conjunction with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft dynamics CRM. As a part of an entire IT architecture, this ERP system brings more key business intelligence to business departments. 

  • As a top-class ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides windows into areas of a business to help with automation, as well as best practices for task management and the generation of performance data. Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP in five focus industries -- financial services, manufacturing, public sector, retail and services. 

  • Build an enterprise resource plan that works, and use cloud-based ERP to drive business improvements.