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Meta4 by Meta4

The unified Meta4 technology platform is built for your end-to-end HR process management. The strength of a single unified platform is far greater than the sum of a patchwork or integrated environment. It doesn’t stop here. The Meta4 platform continues to grow with our extensive R&D & innovation efforts. We go beyond current HR trends by spotting and incorporating emerging best practices from our customers and global market demands.


  • Robust and mature platform entirely designed for the HR side of business 
  • Multi-tenant, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-jurisdictional capabilities for global and local cloud HR solutions 
  • Easy to keep aligned with changing and evolving market needs 
  • Technology and functional platform evolutions don’t disturb your specific solution 
  • Reduced exposure to integration challenges with different patchwork add-ins from existing HCM best-of-breed modules 
  • Minimized complications from systems inherited through mergers and acquisitions; user control tools and in-house expertise provided for smooth transitioning and roll out