MediTouch EHR Software
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MediTouch EHR Software by HealthFusion, Inc.

Designed to suit the needs unique to your practice – MediTouch is the Electronic Health Records software that thinks like a doctor. 


  • Improve quality of care Electronic medical records improve the accuracy, accessibility and readability of medical records, since there’s no need to decipher physician handwriting. 
  • Using MediTouch EMR software gives you additional benefits, such as warnings, alerts and reminders that help further avoid medication errors and duplicates. 
  • Increase patient engagement and satisfaction Access to, and engagement with a patient portal is one of the requirements to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2. MediTouch comes with a free Meaningful Use certified patient portal that helps you stay compliant with the CMS patient engagement measures. 
  • Increase practice efficiency Using a cloud-based EHR software customized to your specialty will save you time and let you chart on the go. MediTouch comes preloaded with templates and care plans specific to almost any medical specialty. Make your EHR speak like you do!