MediaValet by MediaValet Inc.

MediaValet stands at the forefront of the cloud-based digital asset management industry. Built exclusively on Microsoft Azure and available on 34 highly secure and hyper scalable data centers around the world, MediaValet is uniquely equipped to meet the digital asset management needs of any organization, no matter its size, its industry or its location. Cutting-edge technology, exceptional product design, and unlimited friendly customer service are at the core of MediaValet’s DNA – ensuring exceptional customer and user experiences are delivered at all times.


  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating hardware, software and maintenance expenses
  • Improve productivity by making your assets easily and quickly accessible by the people who need them
  • Increase your ROI on your assets by making them easy to search and share
  • Ensure your assets are never lost or “misplaced” again
  • Drives Sales Pipeline by empowering Marketers to spend more time on high-value revenue-generating activities;
  • Increases Return on Value by enabling the entire organization to promote, share and leverage high-value brand assets; and
  • Increases Brand Consistency and Asset Lifecycle through re-purposing of content across all marketing channels.