McKesson EMR Software Solutions

McKesson EMR Software Solutions by McKesson Corporation

McKesson EMR offers a truly comprehensive model for health record handling and practice management. Across the entire patient life cycle, and on both the clinical and clerical sides of a business, McKesson EMR helps providers to achieve performance goals, discover key efficiencies, and tighten up operations, leaving doctors and practice leaders free to focus on what matters: quality care for patients.


  • The McKesson suite of software includes both EMR software and cloud-based EHR system solutions, as well as specific practice management tools. A web-based EMR systems combined with an electronic health record functionality and various medical billing tools offer a “one stop shop” for doctors and health care administrators who need to modernize the IT architecture of a provider office.

  • With this EMR vendor, the practice gets the kinds of sophisticated charting tools and templating that one would expect from a cutting-edge EMR system. With McKesson Practice Plus, an excellent practice choice for office management, the medical office gets health care scheduling, billing and support tools that profoundly influence work flows and make operations precise and efficient. Find a particular ICD code, assist medical billing staff in resolving accounts, and eliminate the types of clerical errors that trap accounts in limbo. 

  • It’s all part of supporting busy practices with EMR/EHR and practice management tools that are designed to deliver great ease of use. An intuitive interface makes McKesson EMR easy to “plug into” a practice model, and doctors and clinicians love the simple interactivity of the EMR software model.