McKesson EHR
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McKesson EHR by McKesson Corporation

McKesson Business Performance Services features a wide-range of electronic health record (EHR) systems, both cloud and server–based, designed to help practices of all sizes manage clinical workflows.


  • Intuitive and Easy to Use 
    • Helps you document care and e-prescribe medications    
    • Helps automate manual tasks, saving time and enhancing productivity  

  • Integrated, Web-Based and Revenue Cycle Management Solutions 
    • Receive system updates when they become available without having to download software 
    • Get the billing and accounts receivable management resources needed to help you manage time-consuming administrative tasks 
    • Quickly view a practice dashboard that includes information on accounts receivables, staff productivity, profitability and financial performance 

  • Personal Advisor 
    • Alerts you to potential issues before they become problems 
    • Conducts regular meetings to keep you informed on operational areas 
    • Helps identify new opportunities for improvement