Maddock Douglas

Maddock Douglas by Maddock Douglas, Inc.

We help companies grow their business, cultivate their innovation capabilities and develop their implementation confidence. While many firms focus on one of these, we focus on all three through the integration of: 1.) The generation of new thinking and new ideas as a strategic foundation, 2.) The transformation of organizational/cultural attitudes, behaviors and processes, 3.) The activation, implementation and launch of ideas (e.g., products, services, experiences and business models) into the marketplace


Our collaborations go beyond evolutionary change and truly seek “what’s next” for organizations to help them create the future of their industry and sustain the will, desire and need for growth. We do this by:

  • Generating and validating insight-based ideas that address unmet and unexpressed consumer needs by testing, prioritizing and embedding them into an actionable innovation strategy
  • Inspiring and empowering leadership to create and sustain cultures of innovation by reintegrating creativity, collaboration, risk-taking and customer focus into processes and mindsets
  • Monetizing “next” by effectively activating and bringing these ideas to life through iteration, prototyping, design, validation and implementation