Lumesse ETWeb

Lumesse ETWeb by Lumesse, Inc.

Lumesse ETWeb is a fully integrated talent management solution trusted by big brands such as PUMA, Philips and Group PSA Peugeot Citroën. Lumesse ETWeb, 100% web-based and delivered from your own datacenter or fully hosted by us, is the product of many years' experience in helping great businesses large and small, unlock their human potential.


A true global enterprise talent management solution, Lumesse ETWeb combines deep business insight with a flexible, intuitive and attractive user experience to drive higher user adoption levels: 
  • Real talent intelligence: Give executives, HR teams and department managers instant access to global, country and function specific talent information with powerful HR analytics and reporting.    
  • Usable and accessible: Intuitive and easy to access in any one of over 30 languages through a flexible, attractive user experience.
  • Secure: All data is stored securely with rigorously controlled access, comprehensive user management, and configurable workflows.    
  • Flexible: Suitable for specific talent processes or end-to-end talent management.    
  • Supported: We have experienced teams available around the world, in the places you work, who speak your language and understand your culture and business practices. 
  • Lumesse ETWeb is suitable for organizations of all sizes, particularly those that have unique HR processes and want to customize their HR software to their needs. Both subscription pricing and licensing options are available for this on-premises or fully Lumesse hosted solution.