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Lumesse by Lumesse, Inc.

Ensuring your talent pipeline is full of high-quality top performers and high-potential employees across all areas of your business is a serious challenge. First of all, it’s no longer an employer’s market; and for top talent, it really hasn’t been for a while. Talent shortages and skills gaps are fast become the most pressing issue for most companies, large and small. At Lumesse, we have taken a close look at the talent journey to redefine human capital management (HCM), taking full advantage of today’s technologies to develop a more effective solution so you can attract and retain top talent while driving business productivity. 


  • TalentObjects: the future of HCM software
    Lumesse has defined a new category of applications—Workforce Engagement Solutions—that engage and develop candidates and employees throughout the entire candidate journey.

  • Talent management and workforce planning
    Recruiters, hiring managers and employees can create an authentic, content-driven experience. One that paints a picture of a culture that candidates and employees want to be part of.

  • A mobile HCM solution
    Adopting mobile tools are crucial for creating an ever-present and engaging talent journey for candidates, as well as giving hiring teams the ability to respond instantly, from anywhere at any time. Never again lose a candidate to a faster competitor.

  • Collaborate, connect and build communities
    Get that talent journey off to a great start. Be social inside out and use branded online communities. Make your culture work for you through genuine human interactions and support the development of your most important resource—your people.

  • Lumesse takes HCM to the cloud
    So why should you care that TalentObjects runs on, the #1 enterprise cloud-based solutions provider? Because it serves as the ideal backbone for the entire talent management journey: it’s cloud-based, intuitive, built specifically for your business, and infinitely scalable.