LOANLEDGER by Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation

LOANLEDGER is the #1 Rated Mortgage Servicing Software for the mortgage industry. LOANLEDGER transforms the highly complex process of servicing mortgage loans into a few easy key strokes. Now your Windows based PC does all the work because LOANLEDGER truly automates and simplifies all the detailed operations needed to effectively service mortgage loans. 


  • LOANLEDGER is the foundation for your integrated modular Mortgage Servicing Software System. All modules and plug-ins integrate instantly and seamlessly with LOANLEDGER, allowing for mortgage servicing software that meets the challenges of business growth, expansion, evolution and change.

  • LOANLEDGER allows for complete loan servicing on a local or wide-area network, providing an environment compatible with small office or enterprise wide mortgage loan servicing. Whether your mortgage loans are interest only, amortizing, adjustable, or any other type, LOANLEDGER provides a sophisticated, yet simple to use mortgage loan servicing solution.

  • LOANLEDGER was designed specifically for the mortgage loan servicing industry. It is windows based, real-time, portfolio management mortgage software that simplifies operations for businesses of all sizes... from small family run to publicly-held corporate giants.