Loan Quest

Loan Quest by MortgageFlex Systems, Inc.

The LoanQuest loan origination system supports multiple lending channels - retail, correspondent, conduit, wholesale, consumer - allowing you to capitalize on opportunities with a single solution. Developed entirely in Microsoft .NET technology, LoanQuest delivers a rich user experience with modern Imaging, Business Rule, and Workflow technologies. 


  • Smart design makes lending easier
    LoanQuest’s flexible design allows you to tailor the solution to meet your unique requirements. Business rules combined with workflow improves compliance and loan quality without extra personnel.

  • Robust compliance support
    Loan compliance monitoring occurs throughout the lending process to prevent improper disclosures and movement of the loan. Integrated compliance checks and dynamic product and pricing guarantee the right choices.

  • Remote access
    Web portals allow consumers and remote originators to review loan data real-time and make decisions with current information, directly from the origination database.