LiquidPlanner 4.0
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LiquidPlanner 4.0 by LiquidPlanner

Modern teams need a fast, streamlined way to manage their work. Our unique approach offers an easy alternative to Microsoft Project and can be used by just about anyone traditionally- trained project teams, agile teams, or even teams that use ad-hoc processes. LiquidPlanner customers report an average of 16 hours saved per month due to automation.


  • For Project Managers
    With a realistic picture of what your team can accomplish by a given date, you avoid promising what you can’t deliver. Know when to give stakeholders a new timeline or add more resources to a project.

  • For Team Members
    With clear priorities, autonomy over project tasks, and a system that won’t overload you, meeting your commitments is a piece of cake. LiquidPlanner offers a way to easily document progress and stay connected to your team.

  • For Stakeholders
    With a high-level view of how new projects and scope or resource changes affect your overall plan, you understand when to take on new work, when to hire and when to drop a project.