Lifesize Video Conferencing

Lifesize Video Conferencing by Lifesize

There’s still no substitute for meeting face to face in a conference room. Almost no substitute, that is. With Lifesize, the conference room is connected to wherever your people happen to be—in lifelike, crystal-clear HD quality. Our incredible video endpoints in your conference rooms, combined with our cloud solution and comprehensive mobile apps, let everyone in your organization experience meetings just like they’re in the room—from wherever they are using any device they want.


  • Accelerate the speed of business with instant communication
  • Gain a competitive advantage over companies that aren’t as advanced
  • Balance your work and life with more time for life
  • Cost-effectively scale up from low quality free web conferencing to HD business video 
  • Reduce or even eliminate the need for travel for meetings 
  • Prevent weather delays or acts of nature from getting in the way of your meetings 
  • Experience mobile meetings that happen anywhere, anytime, on any device 
  • Manage a global supply chain in person from the palm of your hand