LenderSuite by Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation

LenderSuite is a powerful and innovative loan servicing software information and loan control system that does the job. LenderSuite targets the needs of enterprises that have any mortgage loans, lines of credit, commercial, auto and construction loans; land sales and developers, governmental agencies and virtually all others. 


A Powerful And Scalable Management Tool For Lenders

  • Designed for ease of learning, LenderSuite gives you the 32-bit Windows-empowered, competitive advantage you need. Whatever the size of your portfolio, whether it's a hundred loans or hundreds of thousands, LenderSuite can do the job with ease.

  • It's designed to help you increase revenues, retain more management control, simplify portfolio management, improve your customer satisfaction and reduce your operating expenses. It does it by being modular, giving you choices; no more 'one size fits all'.