LeanTMS® – Transportation Management System

LeanTMS® – Transportation Management System by Lean Logistics

True SaaS TMS Software: The Next Evolution in Transportation Management SoftwareLeanTMS®, a true SaaS transportation management system, provides complete procurement, planning, execution, settlement transportation functions. Additionally, with a multi modal TMS, companies have access to the LeanLogistics Transportation Network which provides freight management and collaborative opportunities, leading to inbound management, transportation scheduling, business intelligence and reporting capabilities not available in standalone TMS software offerings.


  • Expertise 
    From award winning customer service to innovative developments in transportation technology, LeanLogistics team of supply chain experts rely on continuous improvements to provide customers with a competitive advantage.

  • Assurance 
    With more than 100 successful implementations completed using proven standardized processes, LeanLogistics minimizes risk for customers while providing ongoing value. Since 1999, LeanLogistics is known for sustained leadership and TMS growth within the transportation industry. As innovative pioneers of SaaS-based TMS technology, LeanLogistics assures customers in all markets gain supply chain visibility.

  • Innovation 
    The pioneer of SaaS TMS, LeanLogistics continues to innovate through a single-instance, multi-tenant platform. With this SaaS model, companies leverage data mining, benchmarking, and analytics to drive greater value in their supply chain. LeanLogistics delivers innovation in business process outsourcing that cannot be gained through traditional transportation partnerships.

  • Scalability 
    LeanLogistics provides scalability through one of the largest networks of carriers and shippers, executing over $7B in freight spend annually. Companies leverage LeanLogistics operational and functional capabilities to obtain flexibility in the management of their supply chain. Through TMS collaboration, visibility, and multiple network partners, customers are uniquely capable of adjusting to marketplace conditions effectively.