Leadmesh by Leadmesh

Leadmesh was developed to help lead aggregators, buyers and sellers of leads increase their profitability. We’ve been in the email and lead-distribution business for several years and understand the challenges within this industry. We provide quick response times to questions/issues and we are willing to confer with you about possible product enhancements if we feel it would be beneficial to you and others.  


  • We’re large enough to handle just about any type of lead yet small enough to provide personalized attention to every account that works with us.

  • Leadmesh helps manage the distribution of leads via a number of methods including Ping Tree, Ping-Post, Round-Robin, Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive settings. This is all done automatically and within seconds.

  • And, unlike some of our competitors who take a portion of each transaction, lead aggregators in particular will see increased payouts on a consistent basis using Leadmesh. We do not charge for individual leads that run through our systems but charge a flat monthly fee instead.