Lead Liaison
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Lead Liaison by Lead Liaison LLC

Lead Liaison provides easy to use, cloud-based sales and marketing automation software. We help companies build better relationships with prospects, customers and partners, be more efficient with sales and marketing operations and grow revenue, faster. 


    Drive more prospects to your website with marketing tools that enable organizations to easily engage in social media, create and publish marketing content, launch email marketing campaigns and do sales prospecting effectively

    Modern marketing technology identifies, qualifies and tracks hidden visitors. Convert more visitors into known prospects using sophisticated landing pages, web forms, videos, documents and 1:1 emails.

    Close more business using unparalleled nurturing technology. Segment your database for targeted marketing. When leads are ready, sales has a hot lead dashboard and intelligence they need to close the deal.

    Retain customers by automating post-sales engagement using postcards, text messages, marketing gifts and more. Turn customers into evangelists. Help sales with standardized processes that accelerate up-sell and cross-sell opportunity