Kronos by Kronos Incorporated

Kronos offers workforce management and HCM capabilities through our Kronos Workforce Ready® solution and workforce management tools and services through our Workforce Dimensions™ solution. 
Kronos Workforce Ready provides a single unified platform for end-to-end HCM with recruiting, onboarding, core HR, training and development, benefits, performance management, compensation, succession planning, time and attendance, scheduling, labor activities, absence management, payroll, and labor analytics.
Workforce Dimensions leverages the latest smart technologies to help organizations optimize their workforce for stronger business outcomes. Powered by the industry-first Kronos® D5 platform in the Google public cloud, Workforce Dimensions provides a robust API and integration framework, a flexible domain model, artificial intelligence, in-memory computing, and more.


Workforce Management:

Work in a Modern Cloud
In Workforce Dimensions, Kronos has completely reimagined how workforce management is delivered in the cloud. Unlike other SaaS offerings, Workforce Dimensions is built on an advanced cloud architecture designed for speed and efficiency at scale — providing secure access, continuous delivery, application extensibility, and world-class performance.
Work Your Way
Today’s workforce expects a familiar and intuitive technology experience that helps them be productive and engaged during their workday. Workforce Dimensions offers all the functionality your workforce needs, when and where they need it with a flexible look and feel, definable home screen, and a fully responsive UI that allows them to work from anywhere on any device
Work Smarter
Workforce Dimensions helps solve critical workforce management issues by providing actionable insights and recommendations before potential issues negatively affect engagement and the bottom line. From proactive reporting and personalized dataviews to advanced analytics and self-learning applications, Workforce Dimensions has the predictive capabilities you need to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Human Capital Management:

Engage your workforce with a unified platform.

To attract and retain top-quality talent today, human resource professionals need an integrated set of tools for managing and nurturing their organizations’ most valuable strategic advantage from pre-hire to retire. Powered on a unified platform, the Kronos® human capital management (HCM) solution embraces your entire workforce with end-to-end employee lifecycle management.

One Unified Platform …

On its common platform, the Kronos HCM solution integrates HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and more for a streamlined and efficient way to manage and nurture your employees — while giving managers single-source access to real-time employee data for driving productivity, increasing employee engagement, and making more informed business decisions.

… For Your Entire Workforce

With today’s diverse, multigenerational, and mobile workforce, the flexibility of the Kronos HCM solution can help you meet the needs of every individual. It effectively bridges the salary-hourly divide with a breadth of automated tools that help managers simplify processes to increase productivity and employee engagement across your entire organization.