Krawler SCM Suite

Krawler SCM Suite by Krawler, Inc

Krawler Inventory Management System offer the industry tools and technologies to easily meet this challenge using Business Intelligence tools, integrated into a comprehensive Business Process Management application. It is powered by the enterprise 2.0 platform and cutting edge technologies like AJAX, JSONIC, KTF. 


  • Help businesses minimize the risks associated with vehicle maintenance, efficiency and mileage, as well as compliance with statutory and legal regulations across states and countries.

  • Helps users meet these challenges by providing powerful scheduling and planning tools with business intelligence capabilities.

  • Provides flexible, automated support to assist in processing goods movement and maintaining current stock inventory.

  • Defines asset types and categorizes them as per user defined criteria, updates status, tracks assignment details. It also maintains a comprehensive record of assets including codes, RFID tags, notes, images, blueprints and user manuals. Information can be viewed in custom lists, filtered as per the requirements of the user.

  • Stock movements are monitored, whether they are inflow, outflow, or even within the warehouse. Logs are maintained for accountability in case of loss or damage during transfer.

  • The entire gamut of processes involved in the procurement and order fulfillment functions of the business can be automated and controlled easily via the Procurement Management System solutions provided by Krawler.