Kognitio Analytical Platform

Kognitio Analytical Platform by Kognitio

The Kognitio Analytical Platform is a scale-out in-memory, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) not-only-SQL software technology that is optimized for low-latency data load and high-throughput complex analytical workloads.


  • Ease of use
    Load, explore and analyse your data fast with minimal effort

  • In-memory analytics
    Through intelligent usage of RAM and disk, Kognitio offers unprecedented speeds to access and query complex data

  • Linear scalability
    As data volumes increase, query performance remains constant from one to thousands of nodes. For example, querying 5TB on a 10-node system will take the same time as querying 50TB on a 100-node system. Also, Kognitio can be reconfigured in size to help respond to the changing requirements of a data analytics project

  • Ultra-high performance
    Get fast results. Tests have shown Kognitio to out-perform other database / data warehouse solutions by up to sixty times

  • Lower total cost of ownership
    System performance eliminates the need for the proliferation of data marts

  • Analytics in real-time
    Kognitio enables complex analytics on many terabytes of data in seconds by using in-memory, Massively Parallel Processing technology

  • Flexible licensing model
    Kognitio can be licensed on a “right-size-at-the-right-time” model for cost-effective data analytics that meet the demands of a changing project, or even changing geography

  • Tight integration with Hadoop
    Kognitio offers high performance, high throughput, connectors for Hadoop for data persistence