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Klipfolio by Klipfolio Inc.

Automated data retrieval from 1000s of data services (with more added every day). Klipfolio is backed by a simple, flexible data architecture. That means you can upload any data source to the dashboard, automate its retrieval, and use (and reuse) that data to build visualizations and dashboards for your team.


  • Simplicity Forget the confusing schemas and intimidating data warehouses. From uploading your data to using it to create visualizations, there is no step in between to complicate matters (and no need to hire a team of developers to get started). Just upload your raw data to start using it to create a visualization. 
  • Flexibility Data and presentation are treated separately in Klipfolio which was harder for us, but easier and better for you. Here's why it's better: You can use a single data source to create a dozen data visualizations, or use a dozen data sources to create a single visualization. What you do with your data is entirely up to you.