KiSSFLOW by OrangeScape Technologies

Day in and out KiSSFLOW is used by over 10,000+ customers and across 100 countries as their preferred workflow tool to meet their needs of business process automation. Built as a self-service cloud workflow software, KiSSFLOW is ready to use and can be set up in minutes as against traditional business process management software and customized workflow software which requires huge investments and takes days to set up. 


    The Action center of KiSSFLOW. From here you can initiate your Process Requests, see all your Initiated Items, see Items that need your Action, and provide Approvals quickly and easily.

    Need to track Process Performance? Monitor KPIs? It’s a breeze with our dynamically generated Process Reports. Easily track bottle necks in your Workflow and monitor Process Efficiency.

    Use our Integration APIs, WebHooks and our Zapier End Point to integrate with your favorite Cloud Based Applications in realtime.

    Take your workflow along with you. Apart from your favourite Browser, KiSSFLOW is available for Android & iPhone. You can also install KiSSFLOW on your Chrome Browser or from the Google Apps Marketplace.